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How to Tell My Parents I'm Pregnant

When you're pregnant unexpectedly, it's normal to experience a range of emotions all at once. Today on the Blog we're discussing some tips that can help you share this news with your parents.

1. Confirm Your Pregnancy and Process the News

When you miss your period, it can cause a lot of stress if you suspect a possible pregnancy, but pregnancy isn't the only reason for a missed period. Check out our blog on early pregnancy symptoms here for more information.

If you're anxious about telling your parents about the possibility of pregnancy, a great place to start is to confirm it with a pregnancy test. At Hope Pregnancy Center, we offer free pregnancy tests if you are in need of one, and one of our staff would be happy to talk through all the options available to you. Our mission is to empower you with the information you need to make a decision that's best for you.

After gathering the necessary information; you need some time to process the news. Emotions run high in stressful situations and you need a moment to process those emotions. Even if time is of the essence, a good rule of thumb is to sleep on it.

2. Plan the Time and Place

Life is busy and stressful, and unexpected news delivered in those moments of hurry can cause unintentional emotional outbursts. To avoid this, we suggest choosing a time when you can speak with your parents in a calm environment where they can receive it better and more thoughtfully. If your parents are separated, you are the best person to decide if they should be together or not when you deliver the news.

If you feel unsafe for any reason you may choose to share your pregnancy news in a public setting, like a coffee shop or restaurant. You may also choose to take another trusted adult with you. Even speaking over the phone at a planned time, may be an option if you are uncomfortable about the reaction they may have.

3. Tell Them the News

Pregnancy is a highly emotional situation for women, even in planned situations. It's hard to tell parents about something that could cause disappointment and even anger, so it's important to be honest and clear about the facts. If you have had a moment to discuss your options with someone then you may feel more prepared with information and be ready to answers to their questions. At the very least they will likely want to know about the father of the baby and how far along you are in your pregnancy.

4.Give Them Time to Process & Hear Them Out

Once you've shared the news, it will take time for them to process their emotions. Remember that you had time to process and they will need the same thing. You also need to keep calm and maintain a mature attitude while they express themselves about the news they've heard. You may be surprised at their reaction when you come to them with honesty and maturity.

Wether your parents react positively or negatively, it's important to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you need to speak to someone further, our staff at Hope Pregnancy Center is ready to walk alongside you in this journey. Reach out to schedule a pregnancy test, or a consult with an advocate.

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