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When there are no clear answers to our questions, and abortion nor parenting seem like the right choice for you, adoption may be a choice you consider. There are many misconceptions about adoption and the process has changed over the years. Today adoption can be a very rewarding process that offers the type of life you may want for you child but feel unable to offer them. 

Some questions you may be asking about the process of adoption are:


Q: How could I give my baby up after 9 months, won’t they feel rejected? If you are not ready to parent yet still want to give life to your baby, placing your baby in an adoptive home is not rejection, rather it is the highest form of love. As the birth mother you hold the power, you plan the baby's future, select a stable, loving family, and determine your level of involvement.  When surveyed, 92% of adopted children state that they have positive feelings about their adoption. You can be proud of your choice to give life by adoption. 


Q: Can I choose a family for my baby? Yes! Adoption agencies have many choices of prescreened couples waiting to become parents, but even further, you have the option in most agencies to choose a family friend, acquaintance or someone who has been recommended to you. The choice is yours, you are in control.


Q: How can I be sure my child will not be neglected or abused? Adoption agencies have rigorous standards that adoptive families must meet and will be shared with you. In open adoptions, you will be able to see how well cared for and loved your child is for yourself.




Although we are not an adoption agency, our staff would love to sit down with you and connect you with referrals to adoption agencies that are a good fit for you. Remember that as the birth mother, you control the decisions throughout the process.

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